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INTERVIEW with Visual Kei Band AWOI

INTERVIEW with Visual Kei Band AWOI
AWOI will be making their first "International Live" appearance this May at Anime North in Toronto, Canada. Our friends at Jrocker Fanclub U.S.A. had the pleasure of speaking to the band while on their current ONEMAN tour leading up to their Canadian debut.
AWOI Members
Vocal: Otogi
Guitar: Sin
Guitar: Shou
Bass: Saki
Drums: Ryo
QPlease introduce yourselves to your international fans and let us know what the one thing you most want to do while in Toronto is....
Otogi: I’m Otogi, the vocalist. I want to drizzle authentic maple syrup on my pancakes and eat them.
Sin: I’m Sin, the guitarist. I want to sip a coffee while I gaze at the Niagara Falls.
Shou: Go drinking!!
Saki: I’m Saki, the bassist. I want to go shopping.
Ryo: I’m the drummer, Ryo. I want to lie down in the middle of the street.
Q: Expanding overseas and performing for your international fans is something AWOI has been actively pursuing. How did you select Anime North as your first international live?
Otogi: I've happened to hear that there are many people overseas who are fans of AWOI’s sound. I wanted to give those overseas fans to get a chance to listen to us as well.
Sin: We've been wanting to and thinking about performing live overseas for a while, and we received the offer just at that timing.
Shou: We’d been wanting to perform live overseas for a long time, and we received the offer in good timing, so we chose Anime North.
Saki: We received the offer at a great time, when we were doing our best and longest-ever tour, so we were glad to accept it.
Ryo: Anime North seemed like an event where people would enjoy Awoi’s music along with us. We thought it’d be perfect for our first overseas live.
Q: What challenges have you experienced in pursuing expansion overseas?
Otogi: Since there’s a language barrier, we’re constantly going through trial-and-error on finding a good way to express and communicate AWOI’s worldview to listeners.
Sin: Being true to ourselves. This is no different for us, whether we’re in Japan or overseas.
Shou: Being true to AWOI!! Being true to myself!!
Saki: I find it interesting to see how much we can shatter the language barrier by letting our music do the talking.
Ryo: Purely to love our music -- I think it’s especially important at overseas concerts.
Q: Your music is very strong and known for its heavy, edgy sound paired with emotional, melancholic vocals. How do you feel it will appeal to your overseas audience?
Otogi: The hint of sadness that AWOI’s music conveys also contains some unique Japanese melodies. I think this might be new and refreshing for overseas audiences.
Sin: The world has plenty of heavy music, but I think the forlorn Japanese melody that floats on top of the heaviness will strike the hearts of people overseas.
Shou: Rather than talk about genres and such, I prefer to believe there are no borders in music. If we, as AWOI express ourselves to our fullest, I think we will touch the hearts of our listeners.
Saki: It doesn't matter what country. I think it depends on how much we can communicate AWOI’s appeal, and have the audience feel it.
Ryo: I think people will have a broader view of the world once they listen to AWOI.
Q: Let's say you are meeting an international potential fan on the street, you want to invite them to your show and are given the option of playing one AWOI song to entice them. Which song would you pick and why?
Otogi: “Kanashii uta”, I think this music is something you can only see in AWOI.
Sin: “Senkou hanabi”, I wouldn't say it’s our representative song, but I have a feeling it would appeal to an overseas audience.
Shou: “Suzumushi”, It’s been with us the longest, and I think it’s full of the essence of AWOI.
Saki: “Kanashii uta”.
Ryo: “Yuuyake karasu”, I think. It’s a little like a Japanese folk tale, and I think people would like it.
Q: AWOI is known for high octane lives that leave the audience sweaty, dirty and energized. International audiences are known for being loud, demanding and animated. How has the location of this live affected your pre-performance and set list arrangements?
Otogi: Music and live concerts have no borders! We will always put everything that AWOI has out there.
Sin: Things will be the same as usual. I’d like everyone to see the same AWOI that you would see in Japan. But I will say that we are putting our spirit into it.
Shou: It’ll be the same as usual!! We’d like you to see AWOI!!
Saki: It hasn't affected us in particular.
Ryo: The location hasn't affected us at all. We’d like for you to see us as we are.
Q: What is it that you are most looking forward to about this live?
Otogi: Everything that will be a new experience.
Sin: The real reactions of our Canadian audience.
Shou: The atmosphere in Canada, and its sound!
Saki: Everything.
Ryo: The tension, the atmosphere, the sound, the reactions of our audience, everything.
Q: Can your fans expect more international lives in the near future?
Otogi: Of course.
Sin: Please expect to see more of us!
Shou: Leave it to us!!!!!!!!
Saki: Of course.
Ryo: Yes, definitely.
Q: Your previous release "Birthday" , was an album that had tracks written by each member as well as a tracklist that was comprised of songs that had the ability to each stand alone. How do you feel "Zetsubou no Taiyou" performs as a follow up to such a strong release?
Otogi: Its strong point is its infinite darkness and the unique impacts of each song.
Sin: It goes even deeper to reach the core of AWOI.
Shou: This release represents AWOI’s deepest part.
Saki: This release narrows the spotlight down on AWOI’s finely refined appeal.
Ryo: I think this release gives a taste of a darker worldview and AWOI’s evolution.
Q: We have entered AWOI's 9th year. The band has gone through growth and member changes. I am sure many challenges have been experienced and overcome. How has this played a part in creating the AWOI that is now?
Otogi: I think we've established a firm trunk that’ll never sway.
Sin: It’s created a stance for us that has us always facing forward, never letting ourselves get negative about things.
Shou: We've encountered lots of mistakes and stumbling blocks, but we've come out with the mentality of never letting ourselves lose to others!
Saki: Practice makes perfect. We have what we do now because of our past.
Ryo: Our beliefs in music have been put to good use in our experiences.
Q: This first international live is a great step forward for the band to further spread your music to fans around the world. What one thing about AWOI would you like them to know?
Otogi: That suffering and sadness will always lead to the power to live.
Sin: Our human side.
Shou: We’re down-to-earth!
Saki: Whatever you can feel and take away when you see us.
Ryo: How we show our emotions during our live performances.
Q: Your final words for your fans?
Otogi: If you’re human, AWOI’s music is sure to reach you in some way. Please give it a listen.
Sin: We’ll be doing our first overseas concert, and we’re simply excited for it. I think a lot of you will be seeing us for the first time. Enjoy AWOI and our music in your own way. Zetsubou!
Shou Hello! First, have a taste of the atmosphere at our live concert!! Let’s cause a ruckus!!
Saki: Please see AWOI for yourselves, have a taste of our music, and come away with your own grasp of AWOI.
Ryo: Have a taste of AWOI. I’m sure you’ll broaden your horizons.
AWOI will be performing live this May at Anime North in Toronto.
They are looking forward to meeting their Canadian fans and have prepared a comment video for this live. Weekend pre-sale passes are SOLD OUT, but day passes are still available. The concert will be held Saturday.
Concert details for AWOI
Location: Toronto Congress Centre
Date: May 25th, 2013
Concert starts at 7:00 PM - Doors Open at 6:30 PM
Free for all Anime North convention attendees. Must have a pass to enter.
Anime North 2013
Date: May 24th-26th, 2013
Location: The Toronto Congress Center
A HUGE thank you to AWOI and JRock North Promotions for arranging this interview.

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